What happens if I miss a payment to you, Close Brothers Premium Finance?

If you miss a payment, or if your payment was unsuccessful, we will notify you in writing by post.

We will attempt to collect the outstanding balance from your bank at a later date, usually within nine working days. Details of this second collection request will be contained in our written notification to you.

Should the second collection attempt be unsuccessful, you will be required to make a card payment within the outlined time frame in our letter to you. You can make this payment by calling our payment line on 0333 321 8566. Please ensure you have your account reference number to hand.

If this payment is successful, and you clear your arrears in full, you won't need to take any further action.

Please note, if we do not receive the minimum monthly payment by the specified due date you may be charged a fee, details of which are set out in your credit agreement. Missing a payment may impact credit rating and if any arrears are not paid in full, may result in the termination of your credit agreement and your associated insurance policies.

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